Roman Grey Marble Statue of a Sleeping Girl
2nd century AD; 

length m 1,13

Nude, with eyelids ajar, in an deep slumber; a drapery surrounds the head, descending and wrapping around the body under the soft belly. Exotic features, evocative of North Africa; however the hairstyle refers to those of the Antonine Dynasty, such as faustina the Elder. We don’t know whether it represent a sarcophagus lid or a stand-alone sculpture, we only know that this sleepingbeauty was loved in the past, because of the numerous restorations and reconsideration: an iron rod at the feet to reinforce, the armilla on the right arm sculpted at a later stage, the hole in the ear realized for a lost metal or glass earring, the upper part of the head restored in antique with a portion of parian marble… Therefore, this sculture clearly represent an original and unique workofart. Provenance: Property of a medical doctor; from ACR, Auction 17 (London, 30 June 2015), lot 65; until 1987 in the Ghassan T. Rihani collection, Amman (Jordan).



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