Department of collector's vintage cars and motorcycles

The Department of Collectible Cars and Motorcycles: sell and buy collectible cars and motorcycles and related accessories at auction or private sale (private rooms) - Free valuations and appraisals.


Under the direction of Francesco Bernardini and Claudio Maccaroni, the department deals with collector cars and motorcycles and related accessories.

In particular, they seek and propose:

vintage cars (historic vehicles built for at least thirty years - Antique, vintage and classic cars)

Vintage motorcycles ((historical vehicles built for at least thirty years - Antique, vintage and classic motorcycles)

Racing cars and motorcycles (sport cars, sport motorcycles)

Off-the-shelf and custom models (custom cars, custom motorcycles)

Collectible automotive accessories

Collectible motorcycle accessories

Its staff is waiting for the study, cataloguing, evaluation and placement on the Italian and foreign markets of this type of vehicles and objects, offered both in the form of trade and private negotiation.
The department also offers a specialist appraisal service.

The son of a collector, Francesco Bernardini inherited from his father a passion for vintage cars, a passion he also cultivates by participating in the main events in the sector as a classic driver of the family collection.
Claudio Maccaroni is also the son of a collector of vintage vehicles and has always cultivated the family passion. He is particularly specialized in collecting motorcycles and motorcycle accessories.


Claudio Maccaroni
Francesco Bernardini

Francesco Bernardini

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