Sell and buy at auction or by private treaty (private rooms) works and objects of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South East Asian, Indian, Islamic cultures, African tribal, oceanic and pre-Columbian art.

Free evaluations and appraisals of:
Chinese porcelain, netsuke, Japanese prints, Ukiyo-e, Chinese jade, Buddhist sculpture, Chinese cloisonné, Japanese lacquers, Indian art, Thai art, Islamic art, Cambodian art, Khmer art, Persian miniature, Japanese katanas, Korean ceramics, Tibetan gilded bronze, Nepalese gilded bronze, Gandhara art, thangka, Chinese painting, Japanese painting, Korean painting, tribal art, oceanic art, Maori sculptures, Aboriginal painting, Chinese contemporary art, Indonesian contemporary painting, calligraphy, Chinese seals, ancient Chinese ivories, ancient rhinoceros horn objects, Japanese ceramics, Qing dynasty art, Ming dynasty art, Hindu sculpture, Jainist sculpture, tribal masks.


Under the direction of Francesco Morena, the department treats Asian and tribal art covering the long stretch of history from Neolithic to contemporary times. Included in its sphere of interest are painting, sculpture, and decorative arts produced in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia, the Middle East (Islamic cultures), Africa, Oceania, and pre-Columbian America.

His department's staff awaits the study, cataloging, appraisal and placement on the Italian and foreign markets of Asian and tribal art on consignment, either for auction trade or in the form of private negotiation, the latter for pieces of particularly high economic and art historical value.

The department also offers a specialist appraisal service.

A selection of Asian and tribal art objects of various price ranges is available at the department and can be purchased out of auction.

A scholar of Far Eastern languages and civilizations, Francesco Morena has been involved in the cataloguing of important public and private collections of Asian art, he has curated catalogues of exhibitions, conventions, conferences and numerous publications to his credit. A keen connoisseur of the dynamics of the market in the sector, he has collaborated with the Eastern art departments of numerous auction houses.

Among his publications:

Hokusai, Art and Dossier, n. 326, Giunti, Florence 2015.
The masks of the soul. 30 masks of Japanese theatre, with R. Marangoni, Renzo Freschi, Milan 2015.

The Prince and Japanese art. A selection of works from the collection of the Museum of Anthropology of Padua, Treviso 2015.

Japanese eroticism, secret pleasures, Florence 2009.
Chinoiserie. Evolutions of taste for the exotic in Italy from the 14th to the 19th century, CentroDi, Firenze 2009 (English edition).

Hiroshige, Dossier di Art e Dossier, n. 254, Giunti, Florence 2009.

Arte Cinese, Dossier di Art e Dossier, n. 242, Giunti, Florence 2008.

Ukiyo-e. Utamaro, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Florence 2007; French edition Ukiyo-e ou l'estampe japonaise.

Sōtatsu, Andō, Utamaro, Hokusai et Hiroshige, Paris 2008.

The Scalabrino collection. Oriental porcelain and European majolica, Sillabe, Livorno 2006.

Utamaro, Art & Dossier, n. 224, Giunti, Florence 2006.

Hokusai, Artist's Vine, Giunti 2006.

From the East Indies to the Court of Tuscany. Collections of Chinese and Japanese art at Palazzo Pitti, Giunti Editore, Florence 2005.



Francesco Morena


+39 06 32609795

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