The Department of Automotive: selling and buying fine and collectible automobiles and motorcycles and related accessories at auction or by private treaty (private sale) - Free appraisals and valuations.

The department deals in fine and collectible automobiles and motorcycles and related accessories. In particular, the following are sought and offered:

● classic cars (historic vehicles built at least 30 years ago - Antique, vintage and
classic cars)

● Vintage motorcycles ((historic vehicles built at least thirty years ago - Antique, vintage and classic motorcycles)

● Racing cars and motorcycles (sport cars, sport motorcycles)

● Off-the-shelf and custom models (custom cars, custom motorcycles)

● Collectible automotive accessories

● Collectible motorcycle accessories

Its staff attends to the study, cataloging, evaluation and placement on the Italian and foreign markets of such types of vehicles and objects, offered both in the form of trade at 'auction and in that of private negotiation.

The department also offers a specialist appraisal service.

Francesca Terrazzino, scientific head of the department, has a long and varied professional and study experience in the field of Automotive. After holding the position of fleet manager for Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Nissan and Subaru, she drew on the passion for prestige and collector cars and motorcycles acquired in her family to create for herself a wide-ranging profession in this field. In fact, she operates not only as a journalist and industry consultant, but also as an intermediary in the sourcing and sale of special interest parts, having among other things early on developed innovative e-commerce systems.


Francesca Terrazzino Mod

Francesca Terrazzino

Scientific manager

Joseph Mercuri

External Relations

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