Department of Fashion, Textiles & Luxury

Buy and sell at auction, in our online shops or by private treaty (private sale): clothes, bags, clothing accessories, designer jewelry, vintage and historical interest, antique and high quality fabrics. Free valuations and appraisals.


the department deals with textile arts and fashion through the ages, offering designer, vintage and historically interesting clothing and accessories, as well as antique and high-value textile artifacts. Also included in its sphere of interest is the research of emerging designers and brands of the green fashion, environmentally sustainable fashion. In particular, the following are sought and proposed:

- clothes, bags, millinery and other accessories made by the great haute couture brands from the 1920s to the present (luxury fashion, high fashion, haute couture);

- clothes, bags, millinery and other vintage fashion accessories;

- emerging designers and eco-sustainable brands (green fashion);

- vintage costume jewelry;

- antique and high quality textiles (fabrics, embroideries, lace, lace, etc.).

At the department and in our online shops there is always a selection of pieces in various price ranges that can be purchased out of auction.


Scarlett Matassi

Auction 72 -Jewellery, Watches and Luxury

Jewelry, Watches & Luxury

Rome, 12 December 2019

Auction 69 - Fashion & Luxury

Fashion & luxury

Rome, 8 November 2019

Auction 59 - Fashion, Textiles and Luxury

Fashion trip. Dresses and accessories from the 20s to the early 2000s

Rome, 12 April 2019

Auction 52 - Fashion, Textiles and Luxury

Fashion, luxury, jewellery & the Marina Ripa di Meana hat collection on sale for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation

Rome, 30 October 2018

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