Jewelry Department

Buying and selling jewellery at auction or by private treaty (private rooms) - Free appraisals - Expert opinions and diagnostic analyses in the fields of gemmology and jewellery.


The department explores the world of jewellery and gemmology in its entirety, with a focus on both historical, artistic and scientific aspects. The research of our staff is aimed at composing an articulated selection in which, besides the classic collection pieces, ancient and modern, there are also contemporary creations with innovative design and unmounted gems of particular interest.

In particular, they seek and propose:

  • antique and vintage jewelry;
  • jewellery made by the great brands of haute goldsmithing from the 1920s to the present day;
  • designer jewelry;
  • artist's jewelry.

At the department there is always a selection of unassembled jewellery and gemstones of every price range that can be purchased out of auction.



Alisa Nahum

+39 06 32609795