Department of Ancient and Modern Glyptics

Sell and buy gems and engraved stones at auction or by private treaty (private rooms) - Free appraisals and appraisals of gems and engraved stones (cameos, carvings, seals, etc.) from Roman times to the 19th century.


Under the direction of Gabriele Vangelli de Cresci, the department deals with gems and semi-precious stones engraved in hollow or relief (cameos, carvings, seals and other small objects), covering the history of glyptic from antiquity - with particular interest in the Greek-Roman era - to the 19th century.

Its staff awaits the study, cataloguing, evaluation and placement on the Italian and foreign markets of engraved stones for sale, both for the enchanting trade and in the form of private negotiation, the latter for pieces of particularly high economic and historical artistic value.

The department also offers a specialist appraisal service.

At the department is always available a selection of engraved gems and gemstones (cameos, seals, carvings) of various price ranges that can be purchased out of auction.

Coming from an ancient family of engravers, medallists and senior managers of the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, Gabriele Vangelli de Cresci has always dealt with ancient and modern glyptic. A scholar and collector, he combines the scientific activity of research and cataloguing - also carried out as a researcher and curator of the Museum of the Ancient Mint of Lucca - with that of an expert in the market of the sector.
One of his volumes dedicated to the unpublished collection of footprints preserved at the Fondazione Museo dell'Antica Zecca di Lucca, consisting of over 7000 specimens, is currently being published. The work will present to the scientific community and to the public of enthusiasts a unique Italian manufacture, having operated at the highest quality levels in very peculiar ways.



Gabriele Vangelli de Cresci

+39 06 32609795


Auction 43 - Glyptic

London, 19 April 2018

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