Certificate of free movement, CAI and CAS certificates of temporary import/export, definitive Community export licence, self-certification for contemporary art

The Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape establishes the definitive export prohibition for all tied goods of private and public property. It also prescribes the need for prior ministerial authorization for those of private property, works of authors who are no longer living, whose execution dates back more than 50 years and in which the existence of a cultural interest can be presumed but whose effectiveness has not yet been verified (art. 65 et seq.).

All cultural goods, whether or not removed from permanent export, may be required to be temporarily removed, for the purposes laid down in the relevant legislation in force, with the owner being obliged to carry the temporary movement certificate.

The relationship with the offices responsible for checking and issuing export or import authorisations for cultural goods is often complicated. We follow up on your behalf at the Export Offices for the export of art and antiquities the procedures for issuing the following certificates and licences:

Certificate of free movement:

certificate necessary for the export or definitive shipment of objects or works over 50 years old, privately owned, which have not been declared by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of important or exceptional interest. Valid for three years from the date of issue. Not renewable.

Certificate of import / temporary shipment, CAI or CAS :

certificate attesting the import (from a third country) or the shipment (from a member country of the European Union) of a work or cultural heritage on the national territory. It is valid for five years, renewable at the request of the interested party, within which the re-export of the object is allowed, after verification by the Export Office and delivery of the original CAI or CAS.

Definitive Community export licence:

the licence is required for the definitive export from the territory of the European Union of all objects and works falling within the scope of EEC Regulation No. 3911/92, as set out in Annex A of Legislative Decree No. 42 of 22/01/2004.

Self-certification for contemporary art:

self-certification required for the export or shipment of works by living authors or less than 50 years old.



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