Free appraisals of works of art, archaeological finds, coins and medals, jewelry, silver and watches and collectibles.

Do you own paintings, sculptures, art objects, archaeological finds, coins or medals and are you considering putting them up for sale? The first step is certainly to ascertain the value by contacting our specialists. For the purpose of an initial evaluation, free of charge and confidential, you will be asked to provide:
- a photo of the front and back, as well as any signatures or trademarks
- an indication of the size of the object and the materials that make it up
- information on its history, indicating how and when you came into possession of it.
- a copy of any publications or expertise or valuations already carried out

Evaluations and expert opinions in written form

Our experts also issue evaluations and expert opinions in written form. The cost of the service is variable and depends on the complexity of the assignment.


For free and non-binding evaluations, please contact our experts at the email address:


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