Free circulation certificate, CAI and CAS temporary importation or shipment certificate, European Community licence for permanent export, self-certification for contemporary art

The Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape prohibits the permanent export of protected objects of both public and private ownership. It further affirms the requirement for prior ministerial authorisation for privately owned works of art created over fifty years ago by artists now deceased. This applies to items of assumed but not yet verified cultural interest (art. 65 et seq).

A request for the temporary export of cultural heritage objects may be filed, even if authorisation for permanent export has not been granted. Temporary export authorisation will be granted for purposes that are in compliance with the current, pertinent regulations, and with the obligation on behalf of the owner to obtain the certificate for temporary transfer.

Interacting with the supervisory and regulatory authorities and obtaining export or import permits for cultural heritage objects is often a complex matter. We can act on your behalf by dealing directly with the Export Offices for works of art and antiquities (Uffici Esportazione di oggetti d’arte e d’antichità) in order to be granted the following certificates and licences:

Free circulation certificate:

This certificate is necessary for the permanent export or shipment of privately owned works of art that are over fifty years old, and that have not been declared by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage to be of important or exceptional cultural interest and value. The certificate is valid for three years since its issuance and it is non-renewable.

CAI and CAS temporary importation or shipment certificates

These certify the importation (from a third country) or the shipment (from an EU member state) of a work of art and/or an object of cultural interest into national territory. These certificates are valid for five years since their issuance and are renewable upon request. During this period, the subsequent exportation of the item is allowed, provided the approval of the Export Office and the submission of the original CAI or CAS documents.

European Community licence for permanent export

This licence is necessary for the permanent export from European Union territory of all works of art falling within the domain of the EEC regulation n° 3911/92, referred to in Law Decree 22/01/2004/ attachment A, no 42.

Autocertificazione per l’arte contemporanea:



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