Fashion, Textiles & Luxury Department

Buying and selling on auction, on our on-line shops or private sale: signed, vintage and historical interest clothing, bags, accessories and bijoux, ancient and high quality textiles. Free Valuations and Expert reports.
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Fashion, Textiles and Luxury Auction

ASTA 51 – A special selection dedicated to the Marina Ripa di Meana hats collection on sale for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation

Auction: 30 ottobre 2018
Viewing Times: 21 -29 ottobre 2018
Rome, Palazzo Caetani Lovatelli, piazza Lovatelli 1

Fashion, Textiles & Luxury Department

Led by Ilaria De Santis, the department is concerned with textile arts and fashion through the centuries, offering signed, vintage and historical interest clothes and accessories, ancient and high quality textiles.

Also new and emerging designers and Green Fashion Brands, ecologically sustainable fashion, fall within her spheres of competence.

In particular, the following are sought and offered:

  • dresses, bags, millinery and other accessories made by the great fashion brands from the 20s of the twentieth century to today (luxury fashion, high fashion, haute couture);
  • clothes, bags, millinery and other vintage accessories;
  • emerging designers and eco-sustainable brands (green fashion);
  • vintage collectible bijoux (vintage costume jewelry);
  • antique and high-quality textile items (textiles, embroidery, puff and lace, etc.).

Art historian specialized in decorative arts, Ilaria De Santis has a long and varied experience in the field of fashion collectibles, costume and textile articles. For eight years she has been a consultant for the Roberto Capucci Foundation and is a Board Member of Vintage Fashion Guild, an international collective of specialists and sector operators.